Autographed Pictures

Would you like an autographed picture of Drew or Jonathan?

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

1. Pick up TWO 9×12 manila envelopes. Please do not use bubble lined envelopes. Address one envelope to yourself and ensure it has the correct postage attached. Then fold it in half and place it inside the other envelope.

2. Print, fill out this form, and place in the envelope: Autograph Request Form

3. Now, address the second envelope to:

Scott Brothers Entertainment
8022 South Rainbow Blvd., Suite 421
Las Vegas, NV 89139 USA

– Please do not send any gifts or packages as they will not be received by the brothers –



If you live in the United States:
Place 97c postage stamps on the envelope for each photograph requested.

If you do NOT live in the United States:
Please send an International money order in USD (US dollars) with your request. This can be done at your local post office. Note: the US post office no longer accepts International Response Coupons. In order to receive up to three pictures please send an international money order of $2.75 in US dollars.

Please note: We cannot accept cash or non-United States stamps.