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Reveal Magazine is the new lifestyle quarterly from Drew and Jonathan Scott. On every page, we share more about ourselves and the world around us, which we hope will inspire you to reveal more about yourself, too.

Like everything we do, Reveal starts at home with advice and examples from trusted designers. But it doesn’t end there: in each issue, we provide simple tips to squeeze more fun into your every day and get the most out of all aspects of your life.

A Sneak Peek At Our Spring 2020 Issue

In our Adventure issue, we find ourselves dreaming of the places and experiences that feel far away now, but also give us something to look forward to. Plus, there’s plenty we can do in the meantime to enjoy the very places we call home. That could look like crafting and doing puzzles at the kitchen table, or celebrating the biggest home of all: our planet!

The designs we loved most in this issue come in sizes big and small, including a lovely open Midwestern ranch and an Oregon guest house that will no doubt double as a family retreat. Our Casaza designers took on a reader’s vacant patio to design outdoor spaces that are both relaxing and functional, a top priority these days. And then we brought nature back inside with a guide to houseplants for any level of green thumb.

While our lives may be different now, we can still yearn for adventure—so let’s start exploring!

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