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Reveal Magazine is the new lifestyle quarterly from Drew and Jonathan Scott. On every page, we share more about ourselves and the world around us, which we hope will inspire you to reveal more about yourself, too.

Like everything we do, Reveal starts at home with advice and examples from trusted designers. But it doesn’t end there: in each issue, we provide simple tips to squeeze more fun into your every day and get the most out of all aspects of your life.

A Sneak Peek At Our Summer 2020 Issue

In our Chill issue, we acknowledge that, in a time of action and change, we all need to give ourselves time to recover and replenish each other. We seek new ways to turn home into a haven, whether that’s doing a simple craft project together or repainting a room. We look for nearby escapes, where we can remember what it’s like to put our toes in the water and hear the crackle of food on the grill. And we give ourselves permission to put away the phone, stretch out and just be.

This issue’s featured designs emphasize tranquility, from a plant-filled Asheville oasis to a breezy California home with a pool you could almost jump into from here. Our Casaza designers turn a Wisconsin family’s basement into a cozy, vibrant living space. Every page of this issue is designed for restoration, so you can feel recharged and ready to take on anything.

We invite you to relax with us and allow yourself a moment of calm, a moment of serenity—a moment to chill.

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