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Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine is the lifestyle quarterly from Drew and Jonathan Scott. Inside every issue, you’ll read about the guys’ home tips and tricks, along with beautiful renovations and the stories behind them. Plus, you’ll hear from designers, celebrities and families across the country as they describe their pursuits of change, passion and self-discovery. Pick up Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine on newsstands now or subscribe today!

A Sneak Peek At Our Spring 2021 Issue

You know what we need every once in a while? A little demo therapy. It’s not about demolishing walls for the sake of it—even though that can be satisfying! It’s about what and for whom we’re making space.

The latest issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal takes you through the transformative renovation journeys that we’ve walked through with more than 400 families over the past decade. We look back on our favorite projects, our biggest challenges, and our best advice for taking the renovation plunge. And for good measure, we’ve thrown in a few embarrassing stories along the way!

Renovation isn’t just for houses, though; sometimes, we need to knock down walls and make new room for people and opportunities. You’ll read stories of new additions to homes, careers and families alike, and how they enriched the lives of everyone involved. Big or small, inside the home or beyond, let the pages of Drew + Jonathan Reveal give you the inspiration to kick-start a season of rebirth and renewal.

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