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Drew + Jonathan Reveal Magazine is the new lifestyle quarterly from Drew and Jonathan Scott. On every page, we share more about ourselves and the world around us, which we hope will inspire you to reveal more about yourself, too.

A Sneak Peek At Our Winter 2021 Issue

There’s something satisfying and freeing about starting fresh with a blank canvas. Of course, none of starts from scratch – not even in our biggest renos – but our latest issue of Drew + Jonathan Reveal focuses on how we can simplify our lives, while making room for the people and things we love most. 

 The homes we feature in this issues pages are reflections of their owners and the stories they tell, from beautiful colors in Brooklyn to streaming sunlight in Maine. When it comes to simplifying our homes and our headspace, their examples help show us the way. We also share some outlets for your wanderlust where you can soak up sights and cultures of places far and away, all from the comfort of home.  

So whatever simplicity looks like for you in this new season, we hope it brings you the peace and wholeness you need to reenergize. May your world be full of simple acts of kindness and goodness every day.



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