Season 3: Episode 1 – Kristi & Jay
Season 3: Episode 2 – Courtney & Luke
Season 3: Episode 3 – April
Season 3: Episode 4 – Kristine & Paul
Season 3: Episode 5 – Sarah and Mari
Season 3: Episode 6 – Samira and Shawn
Season 3: Episode 7 – Angie and Tito
Season 3: Episode 8 – Matt & Kristen
Season 3: Episode 9 – James & David
Season 3: Episode 10 – Parker & Francesca
Season 3: Episode 11 – Caitlin & Steve
Season 3: Episode 12 – Kate & Dave
Season 3: Episode 13 – Rose & Giancarlo
Season 3: Episode 14 – Megan & Greg
Season 3: Episode 15 – Sandra & Kyle
Season 3: Episode 16 – Marla & Adam
Season 3: Episode 17 – Mark & Priscilla
Season 3: Episode 18 – Christine & Mathieu
Season 3: Episode 19 – Kathryn & Eric
Season 3: Episode 20 – Danielle & Chad
Season 3: Episode 21 – Mark & Joey
Season 3: Episode 22 – Kari & Boris
Season 3: Episode 23 – Karina & Stephane
Season 3: Episode 24 – Crista & Sumit
Season 3: Episode 25 – Nancy & Rhonda
Season 3: Episode 26 – Veronica & Andrew

Property Brothers Season 3: Episode 25 – Nancy & Rhonda

Nancy and Rhonda have been dating for five years and finally it’s time to shack up! They’re both eager to move away from cramped city living into a serene and stylish home, but the power couple needs tons of space to make it work. The Property Brothers come to the rescue helping them find a budget-friendly dream home that can be renovated on time.

With a budget that doesn’t match the couple’s expectations, Drew and Jonathan struggle to sell the potential of a fixer-upper. The demolition is all fun and games until Jonathan reveals some hidden problems that could catapult the budget to new and impossible heights. His problems increase when the couple constantly drops by unannounced to inspect his work and make unhelpful purchases for the house. To get everything finished on time and get them out of his way, Jonathan concocts a ploy to gain their confidence. If it works he can work in peace. If not, they will continue to snoop and drive him up the walls!




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Lighting 4" mini pendant DVP9019 DVI Lighting

Fridge French door fridge - stainless steel EW23BC85KS Electrolux

Microwave Stainless steel microwave E127MO45TS Electrolux

Range Stainless steel induction range EW301S6CJS Electrolux

Custom Cabinets Monett Finishing Carpentry Inc.

Chair White chair Umbra

Sink Stainless steel kitchen sink 400470 Blanco

Faucet Chrome kitchen faucet 401221 Blanco

Tile Polished Calacatta Creekside Tile

Mosaic Tile 12x12 Creekside Tile

Accessories Axis Tower Salt & Pepper Shaker 910191 Torre & Tagus

Hardware Hinges 00b09.01 Lee Valley

Dining Room

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Lighting 21" Pendant DVP5222 DVI Lighting

Master Bedroom

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Master Bathroom

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Sink Undermounted sink 610000 American Standard

Shower Kit Shower kit (without body sprays) 16628820 American Standard

Shower Floor Tile Almond 1"x2" almond tile D335 Daltile

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Custom Vanity Monett Finishing Carpentry Inc.


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