Season 3: Episode 1 – Kristi & Jay
Season 3: Episode 2 – Courtney & Luke
Season 3: Episode 3 – April
Season 3: Episode 4 – Kristine & Paul
Season 3: Episode 5 – Sarah and Mari
Season 3: Episode 6 – Samira and Shawn
Season 3: Episode 7 – Angie and Tito
Season 3: Episode 8 – Matt & Kristen
Season 3: Episode 9 – James & David
Season 3: Episode 10 – Parker & Francesca
Season 3: Episode 11 – Caitlin & Steve
Season 3: Episode 12 – Kate & Dave
Season 3: Episode 13 – Rose & Giancarlo
Season 3: Episode 14 – Megan & Greg
Season 3: Episode 15 – Sandra & Kyle
Season 3: Episode 16 – Marla & Adam
Season 3: Episode 17 – Mark & Priscilla
Season 3: Episode 18 – Christine & Mathieu
Season 3: Episode 19 – Kathryn & Eric
Season 3: Episode 20 – Danielle & Chad
Season 3: Episode 21 – Mark & Joey
Season 3: Episode 22 – Kari & Boris
Season 3: Episode 23 – Karina & Stephane
Season 3: Episode 24 – Crista & Sumit
Season 3: Episode 25 – Nancy & Rhonda
Season 3: Episode 26 – Veronica & Andrew

Property Brothers Season 3: Episode 21 – Mark & Joey

Joey and Mark and their baby daughter are desperate to escape his sister’s tiny downtown basement for peace and quiet in the country. They want a big master bedroom, in-law suite, modern kitchen and bathroom, plus ample stable space for her three horses. The Property Brothers come to the rescue helping them find a budget-friendly dream home that can be renovated on time.

With a budget that doesn’t match the couple’s expectations, Drew and Jonathan struggle to sell the potential of a fixer-upper. Handyman Mark proves himself up to the task though with a bunch of jobs well done. But Jonathan must then reluctantly return the favour in the horse stalls. Despite the extra helping hands, Joey becomes increasingly impatient. So Jonathan and Drew hightail it to the furniture store only to get into an unexpected standoff with Jillian Harris, host of W Network’s LOVE IT OR LIST IT VANCOUVER. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Jonathan discovers Mark’s first misstep, and must decide whether or not to keep him on the crew as they approach move-in day.




Item/Product/Agent Color/Pattern Product Code Company Company Website
Countertops Yorkshire Cambria FloForm Countertop

Cabinet Hardware Clip Top Hinges 00b15.10 Lee Valley

Backsplash Whisper Green Blend SA51 Daltile

Appliances Stainless Steel CFCT1278LS Electrolux

Custom Kitchen Pantry & wine rack Monett Finishing Carpentry Inc.

Accessories Umbra

Accessories Drink Tray 920006 Torre & Tagus

Living Room

Item/Product/Agent Color/Pattern Product Code Company Company Website
Lighting SN 16' Flush Mount DVI Lighting

Fireplace NZ-26 Delco Fireplaces

Fireplace surround Wallstone Desert Sand Natural Stone DSWS624 Ames

Furniture Porter Sofa Table The Brick

Rug Ellison 94" x 128 k09785 Korhani

Accessories Black Imelda Shoe Rack Umbra

Accessories Peppin Floor Lamp, White 960009 Torre and Tagus

Built Ins Monett Finishing Carpentry Inc.

Master Bedroom

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Bedding white - bedding Northern Feather Dream Maker


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Heated Flooring 120V - 60x36 F1509 Nuheat

Faucet Chrome 2006101 American Standard

Bathtub Tile Surround Whisper Green F165 Daltile

Lighting Chrome DVP2143 DVI Lighting

Accessories White - Shower Rings Umbra

Custom Vanity Monett Finishing Carpentry Inc.


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Irwin Hand Tools



Disposal Bins Tidy Bins