Episode 1 – Living Room Flip in Vegas
Episode 2 – Kitchen Flip in Las Vegas
Episode 3 – Bed and Bath Challenge
Episode 4 – Las Vegas Flip Finale

Episode 1 – Living Room Flip in Vegas

Jonathan and Drew go head to head this season, as they each flip an entire house in Las Vegas. After choosing what properties to buy, they only have four days to completely makeover their living rooms in this first challenge. The loser has to do the walk of shame on the Vegas strip.

Living Room/ Dining Room

Item/Product/Agent Color/Pattern Product Code Company Company Website
Accessories Bird Painting "Little Bird" NDY15268 Wayfair	

Accessories Bird Painting "Punk Bird" NDY15316 Wayfair	

Accessories Vintage decorative set IMX6409 Wayfair	

Accessories Chess Pieces NDY13038 Wayfair	

Accessories Black Swirls NDY13166 Wayfair	

Furniture Black & rectangular table SNPN1015 Wayfair	

Furniture Silver stool FV22327 Wayfair	

Furniture Circular glass table SNPN1383 Wayfair	

Furniture Club Hyde arm chair SNPN2766 Wayfair	

Lighting Sofia leather lamp FV17912 Wayfair	

Accessories Callias 2 piece painting IMX12713 Wayfair	

Furniture Santino Accent coffee table FV17815 Wayfair	

Accessories Harpen linen decorative pillow FV36605 Wayfair	

Accessories Cowhide pillow FV54284 Wayfair	

Accessories Lauren pillow FV54294 Wayfair	

Accessories Glass bowl IMX6153 Wayfair	

Furniture Silver ottoman IMX6221 Wayfair	

Curtains Cabana stripe drapes NAL1298 Wayfair	

Lighting Energy star OUV2599 Wayfair	

Furniture Calcutta arm chair SNPN1266 Wayfair	

Furniture White royalton ottoman SNPN1484 Wayfair	

Furniture Cathdral sofa SNPN1528 Wayfair	

Furniture Club sutton ottoman SNPN2878 Wayfair	

Furniture Wood twist end table SRA1061 Wayfair	

Furniture Osea console table UM13776 Wayfair	

Furniture Off white arm chair WHI1698 Wayfair	

Accessories Gustave wall mirror IMX9804 Wayfair	

Accessories Small statue "Freedom Rider" UM9285 Wayfair	

Accessories Abstract & chic style sculpture WLI5146 Wayfair	

Accessories Dior sitting dog statue IMX3032 Wayfair	

Accessories Vintage decorative set IMX6409 Wayfair	

Accessories Layla decrotive urn IMX9286 Wayfair	

Accessories Bouyant glass float IMX11502 Wayfair	

Accessories Russell handblown glass bottle IMX11556 Wayfair	

Accessories Chainlink candlestick UM12636 Wayfair	

Accessories Clam shell bowl UM13171 Wayfair	

Accessories 2 piece wolek potted succulents set IMX11468 Wayfair	

Accessories Montgomery shell charger IMX11437 Wayfair	

Accessories 3 piece cassie wood crate set IMX12640 Wayfair	

Accessories Potted lavender IMX11653 Wayfair	

Accessories 3 out of 4 linen decrotive pillow FV36608 Wayfair	

Accessories Oscar frost decrotive pillow FV20990 Wayfair	

Accessories Harper linen pillows FV36623 Wayfair	

Furniture Rubarti end table UM13128 Wayfair	

Lighting Conduit light fixture TRL4211 Wayfair	

Lighting 6 light globe pendant UM13813 Wayfair	

Accessories World map on canvas ARWL1444 Wayfair	

Furniture Birch lane sofa BL3389 Wayfair	

Accessories Fascinating polystone sheep skull bust on stand WLI15230 Wayfair	

Furniture Brickman coffee table ANH1915 Wayfair	

Furniture End table FV20936 Wayfair	

Furniture Mercer chair FV43418 Wayfair	

Accessories Greek lady bookend IMX9121 Wayfair	

Rug Tibetan pearl FV45538 Wayfair	

Accessories Plaid pillow PICO6573 Wayfair	

Linens Crème Throw QMP2258 Wayfair	

Lighting Mini pendant UM11843 Wayfair	

Curtains Karma window panels FPN1553 Wayfair	

Furniture Wingback chair UM12870 Wayfair	

Accessories Orchid in glass vase TXN1145 Wayfair	

Accessories Berry ball set TXN1610 Wayfair	

Linens Fiestan napkin II FIE3586 Wayfair	


Item/Product/Agent Color/Pattern Product Code Company Company Website
Ben Interior Stock White - Ceiling N/A Benjamin Moore	

Aura Smoke Gray w/ Gray Base - Matte 2120-40 Benjamin Moore	

Regal Select Stock White - Semi Gloss N/A Benjamin Moore	

Regal Select Spring in Aspen - Flat 954 Benjamin Moore	


Item/Product/Agent Color/Pattern Product Code Company Company Website
Fireplace Tiles Concrete Porcelain: White Cloud Field Matte N/A The Tuscany Collection

Oak Greystone Castillian Collection N/A Mullican Flooring